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Why we choose transceiver (sfp) from the third party (oem)?

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There are 4 main reason why we choose transceiver (SFP) from the third Party (OEM) :

1. Cost Effective


If we compare third party transceiver with main vendor transceiver (such as Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, etc), third party transceiver price can reduce the cost from 30% until 90%, so it's very valuable for service provider to reduce their CAPEX.

2. Quality

With current technology and standard protocol that released by MSA (Multi Source Agreement), quality between third party transceiver with main vendor is almost same.

There is information that rarely known by public, that main vendor decide the transceiver is in the accessories equipment, so actually many main vendor don't make their transceiver by them self. Main vendor cooperation with third party company to make their transceiver and then the main vendor give put their coding to the transceiver.

Another impact form accessories category is main vendor can't guarantee the transceiver, so if the transceiver was broken customer can't request to do replacement. While the third party company can give guarantee because their main business is the transceiver.

3. Compatible

It's can be sure the main vendor only put their coding so the transceiver only can be used in their equipment and there is no guarantee that their transceiver can be used on the other brand.

Third party transceiver can be very flexible to put coding on the transceiver, so the transceiver can be used on the multi platform or brand.

4. Delivery Time

Third party company have main focus only for transceiver, so they can do deliver faster than main vendor.

There is information that third party transceiver can broke the equipment or equipment port, it's not true. Transceiver can't broke the equipment, because the transceiver have separate circuit from the equipment and the transceiver can't generate power by its self. They get power from equipment. In some cases due to high receive power broke the transceiver but equipment or equipment port don't get any impact.